2023 HOSPY Award Nomination-Hotel of the Year

16th Annual HOSPY Awards Gala Hotel Employee Nomination Form

This event is the largest hospitality awards gala in North Texas. Since the Gala's inception in 2007, the Hotel Association of North Texas has maintained the tradition of recognizing and honoring excellence within the hospitality industry for those that have gone above and beyond to leave a positive impact on their guests, team, and property.

The prize is the coveted Crystal Pineapple Award.

Please fill out the entire form in its entirety for a valid nomination. Thank you for participating!

Hotel Nomination Guidelines and FAQs: 

Who is eligible to be nominated? Only current HANTX hotel members may be nominated for the Hotel of the Year HOSPY award. To verify membership status, please call 214-484-7060.

Is a form required for each nomination?  Yes.  One (1) form per nomination is required.  

May I nominate my company? Yes! Please feel free to nominate your hotel. 

When's the deadline? Wednesday, October 25, 2023 is the deadline.

Please complete the following questions about your hotel nominee to the best of your ability. This is a very competitive award category, and a good, concise, and well-written nomination is key to communicating the qualifications of the hotel candidate to the review committee. 

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