2021 HANTX Member Hotel Employee Continuing Education Scholarship Application

The Hotel Association of North Texas is pleased to provide you with this scholarship application that provides certifications, licensure and training for current HANTX Member hotel employees ONLY with tuition reimbursement and industry recognition.

Hotel Association of North Texas awards scholarships in the following categories that provide certifications including but NOT limited to:  Microsoft Office, Heating & Air Conditioning, Pool, HR Certification, CHA, CHSP, CMP, etc.

Four (4) scholarships up to $500 per scholarship will be awarded.

Applications must be received via the online application process no later than September 30, 2021 to be considered.

Fields marked with an * are required.

Please verify that you have checked the “I'm not a robot” checkbox.

Please provide the date and length of course/class.  

Reimbursement needed
Association to pay for class

Do you expect to receive any financial loans, grants, scholarships, or tuition reimbursement from other private or public sources? If so, list the name and type of funding and amount. 

Please provide a brief essay (250 words or less) on how this course will help you in your current position and future career path.  If you have already taken this course or class, within the last six (6) months, please provide a brief essay (250 words or less) on the knowledge gained and how it will assist you in your current position and future career path. 

20MB max

Please provide the details of the course/class/certification to be taken, registration cost and proof of registration and payment if you have already prepaid for the course.  

If you are applying for post-training financial assistance, please provide the registration of the course/class/certification taken, certificate of completion or transcript, and proof of payment. (Must have been completed within the past six (6) months).

These may be scanned and uploaded in one PDF document. 

20MB max

One letter of recommendation is required. You must submit a letter attesting to your character and integrity from any of the following two professionals: Hotel general manager and/or immediate hospitality supervisor.

20MB max